Other Initiatives

Free (Text)Book Exchange:

This is an ongoing exchange where people can donate textbooks for students to claim. Students can either request books on the spreadsheet or claim those that are already posted by contacting the book owner. Those who donate books should also donate postage.


Hoplite Owl Merch— by Amy Pistone

Profits from each purchase are donated to the Sportula.


Roamin Romans— by Amy Pistone

This fall fundraiser of 2019 can take any form- a 5k, walking, writing—just don’t forget to donate!


Naked Soul:

Naked Soul is the Sportula’s conference that takes place entirely online using Zoom video conferencing software. This conference showcases the scholarship and artistry of working-class scholars and academics of color. Our first iteration of the conference in 2019 had presenters ranging from the level of high school student to assistant professor, with over 50 participants.


Book Auction Fundraiser— by Liv Yarrow   

This 2019 book auction took place entirely through a google spreadsheet, raising $5223.00 of funds for donation. In addition to books, crafts and other services were offered for auction.


Greeced Lightning— by Amy Pistone

This fall fundraiser of 2018 can take any form- a 5k, walking, writing—just don’t forget to donate!


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