How It Works (For now)

My name is Stefani Echeverria-Fenn, and if you are receiving this, that means you expressed interest in donating to The Sportula: Microgrants for Classics Students (or your friend pranked you by sending a wonderfully generous/heartfelt email to us in your name).

First: Thank you so, so much for reaching out! Even if I am too behind in reading for my PhD exams to respond to each one of you personally, I read every email and was so touched by every single one. Especially those of you who talked about how you wished this fund had been around when you were students/want to pay it forward.

Basically the way our fund works is: We currently have a slush fund of $2000. We’d love to keep/grow that as a reserve for students who have larger financial needs. Because we are still trying to gauge the volume/amount of requests we will be receiving, right now we encourage you to check our twitter ( periodically to see our work.

For now, until we can gauge how what’s most sustainable, we will be doing the following:

  • Answering all requests for aid out of our slush fund. That fund is Sportula on Venmo.
  • Once we’ve given the student that aid, we will post a screenshot (keeping the student anonymous) of the paypal/venmo transaction, any details about what it was used for if the student is comfortable with that, and solicit donations to cover that aid amount. Once we’ve recouped that amount, we will post on twitter that we made it/fundraising is over 🙂
  • Once we are able to keep this going successfully for a while, we might think about soliciting donations beyond ones that are pro re nata to grow our slush fund. But since so many of you aren’t rolling it in yourselves (somehow it always happens that the most generous people are often the ones who themselves don’t have a ton to spare) we’d like you to keep your money until we really need it!
  • If you’re not on twitter you can still see our account, but I will also be occasionally sending around mailing list updates about needs that we have difficulty recouping just from twitter outreach.

As it happens, just to show how much this is needed, we got our first request within an hour of our site going live today! We were able to send a brilliant undergrad $100 for a pair of required steel toed work boots so they can go on their otherwise-covered dig overseas this summer! So if you have some extra cash around… if everyone on this list contributed like $5 bucks we’d be able to recoup our costs for that (see our twitter for more details within 48 hours).

Thank you again for your interest!!


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